Book: Module 1 exit legality enter the law –

Module 1 exit legality enter the law – in this module you will learn the basics in easy language:

  • how to uphold and realize your law as a man/woman
  • the difference between law and legality, these are 2 totally different concepts: law is white and legality is black
  • the difference between legal slavery and legal justice
  • the proper use of language, the meaning of the words with which the legal world binds you in bondage
  • what your different positions are man/woman/human person, your rights, possibilities and duties within these positions
  • why you can make your will the law and enforce it through the courts
  • when to pay taxes and when not to pay taxes
  • why you are entitled to compensation for your labor without taxes

Do you need prior knowledge? No, actually the less prior knowledge the better; The only thing we have already learned is how to be unfree; The knowledge for freedom that is freely spread starts from the point of view of unfree, slavery and binds you further into slavery; The true knowledge cannot be found on the street, it is only accessible to those who are really ready for it; 

The most difficult thing is to be able to make the mind switch and just let go of all your so-called prior knowledge and then you will understand the material by yourself; The most important thing to enjoy the benefits of this training is an open mind, the willingness to want to do things differently; You suddenly realize that the law is pure spirituality, once you know how to look at it; As long as you keep binding yourself within the legal articles and rules, you will always be a slave, but if you have the courage to live according to the law, you will always be able to secure justice and ensure that there is justice in your life.

Module 1 is the only prior knowledge you need if you want to follow the rest of the course.