In de jaren 1800  tot 1910 was electrotherapie een veelgebruikte healing methode; Dat duurde totdat Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller besloten om hoofdinvesteerders te worden van de pharmaceutical industrie; Ze kochten het parlement om: er mocht geen federaal geld meer toegekend worden aan wie de waarheid vertelde en wie nog  wie nog zulke therapie toepaste, vloog in de gevangenis; Nixon bracht daar weer wat verandering in, maar de lobby was te groot;

Wie bekend is met kinesiologie kan volgende testen; Test je arm en druk en je zal sterk zijn; Neem nu een polshorloge met batterij of iets met batterij en hou het tegen je borst en test opnieuw en je hebt 95% kans dat je zwak test; En dan denken dat er mensen zijn met een pacemaker (batterij) in hun lichaam;

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Welcome to the Electricity of Life,
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In part 1 of this presentation, Dr. Jerry Tennant introduced us to his
extraordinary research into the complex electrical circuitry of the human body.
Since his own remarkable battle with debilitating illness,
Dr. Tennant has worked to develop a kind of map of this circuitry, illuminating
its essential connection to physical well-being.
In the previous episode, Dr.Tennant discussed the particular significance of the circuitry connecting teeth to other regions of the body.
The concept of illness arising from electrical imbalances is, of course, unconventional in modern Western medicine.
However, the application of electromagnetic therapies in healing is not new.
In this conclusion, we asked Dr. Tennant to begin by discussing some of the
earliest examples of the use of electromagnetism as a physical remedy.
Well, interesting question.
If you go back in time, in the 1800’s and early 1900’s, electromagnetic therapies of a variety
of forms were commonplace.
But that changed in about 1910 when Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller decided
to become the major investors in the pharmaceutical industry.
And so they had a report written called the ‘Flexner Report’ which they then took to Congress.
At that time there were, I think, 13 homeopathic medical schools in this
country and again, most physicians were using some sort of electromagnetic therapies.
Well, the Flexner Report got Congress to forbid the use of any federal money for
anyone who said there was energy in the body, so that that closed
the thirteen homeopathic medical schools and then, any physician who was using
an electronic device to treat patients got put in jail.
Well, that set up pretty much of a chilling effect and that’s how our country stopped looking at energy in the body and that was the case until Nixon went to China, saw some of the people in his entourage undergo surgery with acupuncture and came back and told the NIH he wanted
acupuncture to be part of traditional medicine.

But even though that was what the NIH was instructed to do, the people who control medicine in this country basically continued to ignore it.
So, for example, many states including my state of Texas forbids the use ofanything that’s not standard of care medicine.
So what is standard of care medicine?
Well, a group of physicians and insurance people and so forth sat around a table and said okay, if you make this diagnosis you must treat it this way.
And originally they said, these are going to be suggestions in order toimprove the quality of care.
But of course, that wasn’t the plan.
The plan was to make those the law and so it has de facto become that so if you go to a physician and the physician says you have this diagnosis and this diagnosis code then the physician must treat you according to those guidelines.
If he doesn’t, he loses his license and he’s considered guilty of malpractice de facto.
So even if a physician knows that that’s not going to harm you, there’s nothing to do about it.
Even if the physician knows there’s a better way to treat you there’s nothing to do about it.
Even if 10 universities and medical schools have proven there’s a better treatment, the physicians can’t use that until that committee says that it’s become standard of care.

Most people don’t know that but what that does then is, it puts the control of how medical care is delivered in this country in the hands of the small group of people who make up the rules of
standard of care and those are all slanted toward pharmaceutical surgical medicine, you see.
So that’s why people like me have to say well, everything that I say is using my Arizona MDH license and not my Texas license.
Because I’m not allowed in the state of Texas to tell you what I’m telling you, I have to use my Arizona license to do so.
You know, medicine in this country is the most controlled, most supervised, most controlled business if you please, of anything in the country. No other industry is more controlled than the practice of medicine.
The effort to push it into things that work is constantly being suppressed even to the place of physicians losing their livelihood in order to prevent that.
Now, even though medical schools, most medical schools now have a division of
Integrative Medicine where they teach this, it puts the physician in a very
difficult position because the physician comes out of medical school knowing that
that’s a useful thing to do but the state medical boards won’t allow it.
It’s a very difficult thing so what I have to do is, I practice as a private expressive association.

So the Supreme Court has had 72 different opinions given that says that legislators make laws to protect the public but the people in a private group like a church group, a sports group and so forth are not the public.
And that any private group may do anything they want to do as long as what they do is not a clear and present danger that rises to the level of a substantive evil.
You may not have ever wondered why don’t the police arrest boxers because it’s against the law to go around slugging each other?
Well, it’s because boxing clubs are private expressive associations as defined by the US Supreme Court and so even though boxing is a clear and present danger, it does not rise to the level of a substantive evil and so they don’t get arrested.

However, if religious people sexually assault their parishioners, that does rise to the level of a substantive evil, and therefore the police can go and arrest a priest, a rabbi or whatever for sexual abuse, you see.
So for example that’s the way I practice. I don’t practice, my practice isn’t open to the public in the sense that if you want to come see me you must join my private expressive association to become a member of my group and then I can tell you what’s in the medical literature rather than have to treat you with the standard care.

If the health of living cells is governed by voltage then an obvious concern in modern society is the rapidly growing pervasiveness of wireless technologies.

We asked Dr. Tennant to identify some of the greatest obstacles we should be aware of today.
Well, there’s no doubt that we have all sorts of things that affect us.
You know, for example, if I had you hold your arm straight out and check the push down
on it, you would be strong, and then if I had you take a wristwatch with a battery
in it and hold it right up against your chest and I pushed on your arm, you would go weak.

So again, when we put electromagnetic energy within our personal magnetic field, it weakens us, our particular frequencies weaken us.
And so we’re being bombarded with that sort of thing all the time.
Here’s the bottom line of the whole thing.
We are constantly wearing ourselves out, so you get new cells in the macula of your
eye every 48 hours, the lining of your guts replaced every three days, the skin
you’re sitting in today is six weeks old, your liver is eight weeks old, and your
nervous system eight months old, so as cells wear out you have to make new ones.
Or if the cells get damaged some way,
you have to make new ones so chronic disease
only occurs when you lose the ability to
make new cells that work.
Let me say that one more time, chronic disease only
occurs when you lose the ability to make new cells that work, which leads one to the
question of, well, what’s it take to make new cells that work?
Well, first of all, where cells run at minus 25 millivolts
of energy it takes minus 50 millivolts to make a new cell, so you have to have
the voltage, then you have to have all the parts it takes to make a cell.
You know, if tornado blows your house down, you can’t build a house back
with door knobs and bathroom tiles.
You have to have everything it takes to make a house and that’s one of the big
mistakes people make when they say, I’m trying to get well, and you say well,
take this stuff!
They come back later and you say well, are you still taking all this stuff?
No, I just wanted to know what thing, what one thing works so I’ve just
been taking one thing at a time. Well nothing works, you see what I’m
saying, again, that concept of I want to know what works, won’t work because
you have to have everything it takes to make a cell and that’s the nutrition
piece of course. So we have to have 50 millivolts of energy, we have to have all
the parts it takes to make a cell, and we have to get rid of any toxins that
damage cells as fast as you make them.
So if you don’t do all three of those things, you won’t get well.
One then goes in and looks at each of those
so for example, the voltage piece; we’re able to measure the voltages in the circuits
using something similar to Nakatani et al. methodology,
but one of the important things to understand is that it’s well
known in battery technology that if you take a rechargeable battery and you
drain it all the way to zero, it’ll flip itself upside down, it flips the polarity.
So if you take a battery upside down put it in a battery charger, it won’t take a charge
of course. So what we do is we go through and we can measure the polarity of every
circuit in your body and figure out which ones are upside-down and those are
the ones where you’re going to be sick. Because you don’t have juice and they
are low circuits that are trying to borrow voltage from the next-door neighbors.
But I like to say, the neighbors will give you a cup of sugar now and then but they
won’t give you three meals a day. There are two kinds of energy in the universe
that I’m aware of, electromagnetic and then scalar, and of course scalar has the
ability to reverse the polarity back to normal.
So we have a device that will do that, called a bio transducer, and we
simply can put it on one of the acupuncture spots in the body and all
your batteries get turned back up.
Of course, they’re still discharged.
Then we take the bio modulator which puts out a specific
waveform and recharge your batteries back up.
Now your battery has power again and then the body never
forgets how to repair itself, just that it has to have the power to do it, has to
have the materials to do it.
So no matter what’s wrong with you, again, you asked me
about neurology, nephrology, cardiology, any of the -ologies.
You treat them all the same way, because they’re all sick
for the same reason, they lost the ability to make new cells that work
and/or they lost the power to run.
You can’t have a heart that works if it’s trying to run on five millivolts instead of 25 millivolts, right?
You can’t have a macula in your eye that works.
All macular degeneration is because you’ve lost power in the stomach circuit which is
the power, the stomach circuit, acupuncture circuit, is the power supply to the macula.
So anytime somebody has macular degeneration and you
measure it, you always find there’s inadequate power and it’s
reversed the polarity in the stomach circuit whereas glaucoma, the optic
nerves are on a different circuit, it’s on the liver circuit and so every
time you see a glaucoma patient and measure it, the liver circuit will have
flipped its polarity.
So how do you treat it, you flip the polarity back, charge the
battery back up and then you figure
out why did the battery lose its charge in the first place.
Well, there are five basic reasons.
One is that you have to look at the thyroid hormone, because thyroid
controls the voltage of every cell membrane in the body, T3 controls the
voltage of the cell membranes and the number of mitochondria, T2 controls the
function of the mitochondria.
So you always, let’s say you don’t have a thyroid hormon, your battery discharges to here.
Now, if you put a scar across one of your circuits and it touches the
fascia, it shorts it out like any other electronic short, so wherever you have
scars, that’s gonna short out that circuit. So many women have a C-section
scar which goes right across the stomach circuit.
The spleen stomach circuit is the entire reproductive system, the
entire endocrine system, the thinking part of the brain, the macula of the eye.
OK, so thyroid takes us down to here, scars take us down to here.
Dental infections; since every circuit goes through specific teeth if you have
an infection in a tooth that acts like a resistor and drops the voltage.
All right, dental infections takes you down to here.
Emotions are stored in the body’s magnetic fields as I discussed in my
lecture to the Electric Universe and all of us have emotions, but if you have a
wire and you put a magnetic field around, it blocks the full voltage, that’s
how emotions drop our voltage and make us sick.
Thyroid, scars, dental infections, emotions, and finally toxins and now your
batteries drain to zero and flip upside down and there you go, you’re sick.
One of the problems with American medicine is that the scientists say, we have to
isolate everything else and look at just this one thing to see if it’s the cause of the disease.
It almost never is.
Almost all diseases are multifactorial.
That’s why we’re having such a hard time in American medicine, finding the cause
because it’s almost always several causes that flip the voltage.
Then, when you don’t have voltage, as voltage drops,
oxygen drops because the amount of oxygen that will dissolve in a liquid
is dictated by the voltage of the liquid. When you lose voltage, you lose oxygen.
When you lose oxygen, your metabolism becomes inefficient, infections show up,
and when you get to plus 30 millivolts you have cancer, as simple as that.