With the application of your live life claim (LLC), you restore all your rights and titles to yourself. Without an LLC, you are owned by  the company the government, throught your identity = your natural legal person.
With LLC you decide for yourself what you do and do not want. The state no longer has any control over you.

You will receive a stamped and signed proof of your registration LIVE LIFE CLAIM via email. This is gaining momentum as this is done by a living party.

Upon receipt of your registration certificate, it is best to write your name in official correspondence to official compagnies as follows: Isabelle LambrechtⓈ or as Ⓢisabelle lambrecht, without any form of title (even mr and mrs is a title). The symbol Ⓢ ensures recognition and means soevereign and always enclose a copy of your proof of registration.

All documents can be found free on the site (preferably print them in color), for proof of LLC and name registration I would like to request a minimum donation of 24 € on BE10 9799 7733 3104. Please fill in the form complete and correct, State gender, family name parents and address if you want them by post.

If you wish to receive the documents by post, please pay the costs to Stepisa bv belgian account number  BE96 9795 9298 0405 biccode ARSPBE22

If you want to receive the registration certificate by post, it costs BELGIUM/ SPAIN 15 € (you will receive 3 copies)
If you want to receive the registration certificate by post, EUROPE costs € 18 (you will receive 3 copies)

The registration is part of

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